Quick and easy answers to frequently asked questions! If you can't find the questions you are after please either use our chat window, contact us at hello@kitted.sg or text us at +65 9380 9850.

Q. Your pieces have sold out will you be restocking?

A. Currently we do not restock pieces that are seasonal when they sell out. However, for certain brands which are best sellers and classic we will continue to restock. Just let us know which styles you were looking at and we will get back to you ASAP.

Q. Can I try out the pieces before I make a purchase?

A. Sure you can! Just let us know what styles and sizing you would like to try out and we will arrange a time for you to drop in.

Q. Can I drop by your shop and browse?

A. Our boutique studio only carries the latest from our New Arrivals. So if you want to see pieces that are not in New Arrivals just let us know what you would like to see and what size and we can arrange a time for you to drop in at the studio!

Q. Can I make an exchange if the size doesn't fit?

A. You most certainly can. We want you to be 100% happy with your purchase so fit is important for us too! Just let us know what other sizes you would like to try out and we can arrange an exchange.

Q. Can I exchange for a different style?

A. We are most happy to facilitate an exchange with a different style if you are not happy with the piece you bought.

Q. How often do you bring in new pieces?

A. We aim to update our inventory every two weeks with either introducing a new brand or bringing in new seasonal styles. You will be notified via email!

Q. Will I be able to take home pieces to try out?

A. Yes you can! Our aim is to ensure that you are entirely happy with your purchase so if you want to bring home pieces to try we can arrange for that too.

Q. How do I utilise my rewards points?

A. First thing is to set up your store account with us. You can do that via the Rewards Tab at the bottom of your screen. Once you have logged in you can check the rewards tab to see what you can claim and how you can earn your rewards. When you claim a specific reward you will be given a coupon code to use upon your checkout.

Size Guide

Here's our comprehensive size guide. If you are still in doubt please have a live chat with us at the bottom of this screen or you can also reach us at hello@kitted.sg.

If after purchasing your activewear and you are not happy with the fit we will gladly make an exchange with you! After all we want you to be suitably KITTED while you take on the next big yoga or sweat challenge!


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