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Finally, cleansing cloths that function first and foremost as a cleanser, then a makeup remover.

Unlike its 20-sachet sister product, this 30-sheet box is recommended for home use to place in any and every room although technically, it’s small enough to bring with you on the go too. If you’re a frequent user of wipes, these are tailor-made for you.

We love that these wipes are derived from 100 per cent unbleached bamboo cloths. Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants on Earth — requiring no fertilisation or pesticides to grow — and are thus a renewable resource.

Plant them after use and watch these biodegradable cloths disappear after 60-70 days.


Suitable for use even on delicate skin areas, like around the eyes. Those with eczema can also use this product.

These cloths have been approved for use in oncology aesthetics training.


If you’re wondering why it says alcohol-free when there is benzyl alcohol on the packaging, that’s because benzyl alcohol is actually a natural plant alcohol. It is a naturally occurring oil with antimicrobial properties and won’t dry your skin.

Although these cloths are biodegradable, they still take time to break down. Do not flush them down the toilet.

If you are sensitive to essential oils, do a patch test prior.


Most conventional makeup wipes work only to remove makeup, leaving skin often stripped of its natural oils. Though we’d always advise you to take the necessary steps and time to wash your face with cleansers, oils or creams, these wipes offer a happy medium when you’re short on time and on the go.

Each cloth is soaked in skin-glowing vitamins C, E and B12, as well as a nourishing medley of organic honey, jojoba and sunflower oil. Each piece is also infused with eight citrus essential oils sourced from the Middle East. Formulated without skin-stripping ingredients, the cloths are harvested from unbleached bamboo fibres. Cashmere-soft, they feel gentle against the skin and don’t impart any sticky after-feel or dryness.

Type: Beauty

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