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June 09, 2015

And here it is: KITTED is now open! From the day the idea was conceived we had to learn how to crawl, walk and now we are ready to start with a bang. It is a long time coming and there was always an urgency to get started but this is a project that we wanted to nurture and grow. We are committed and we are ready to rock.

Our primary aim is crystal clear: to provide you with a great range of fitness apparel to choose from. It sounds simple enough, but until we took the first step on this journey we had no idea there were over 200 brands to choose from.

So we focus. We narrowed our choices to give you the best quality and style. We handpicked brands that had a story, a vision, and along the way we got to meet some of the designers themselves. All the brands we selected have one unifying vision—fitness wear that looks beautiful without compromising on functionality and comfort.

The clothes you wear will not make you run faster or help you lose weight. They will not inspire you to workout for 6 months straight. But what you wear will impact how you think and what you do.

Dress like a doctor and you will pay more attention.
Dress like a yogi and you will be more inclined to lead a healthier lifestyle.
Dress like a fitness warrior and you will be one.

Clothes represent our inner drives and feelings. If you feel good, you will wear what makes you look good. When you don that pair of kick-ass leggings you know you are going to be that much closer to a good workout.

At KITTED, we will provide you with that pair of kick ass-leggings and a whole lot more.

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