Eat Train Love

July 01, 2016

 Eat Well, Train Hard and Love Yourself is the mantra for Eat Train Love a local fitness company founded by Cheryl Lin.
 If you follow ETL on instagram you will see how popular her bootcamps are. There's always laughter, people having serious fun while getting their butts kicked. What's an outdoor bootcamp without having some fun?
 We've asked Cheryl to invite Tracy Davies one of ETL's clients for the shoot. A fitness trainer is really about making a difference and through that lasting friendships will form when you commit to making someone's life better.
 The road to fitness is never easy. Cheryl's approach is "training by stealth" a methodology where training slowly progresses and gets more challenging without Tracy knowing it. Sneaky but it works ;)
The results are obvious. More importantly, the shift in mindset towards a better lifestyle is permanent.
In the time that Tracy has trained under Cheryl, Tracy has accomplished many fitness and health milestones. Like recently taking part in the elite category of the Spartan race and building a stronger immune system, thus no longer falling sick as often as she used to.
For Cheryl, being a good trainer is about being able to connect, listen, engage and to bring out the best in your clients while prescribing the right exercises. It's like a relationship where communication is key. 
The bond between Tracy and Cheryl is obvious. When a company's mantra is about self love and empowerment and when you look at the ETL community what you see is a family. A fit family.
Cheryl and Tracy are KITTED by Daquini, Heroine Sport, We Are Handsome and Alala.
Photography by the talented Shirong Yap.
Thanks to Selective Fitness for the use of their studio.

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