Trium Fitness

August 10, 2016

How do we even begin to describe Dawn? She is the most down to earth person you can ever hope to meet and when you come across her you go, "Wow, she's awesome!"
The fitness industry is filled with pretty amazing people but none quite like Dawn whose positivity and charming personality draws clients in. If you're a client of Dawn's you are a friend of hers too.
A fitness junkie, Dawn has done it all. Endurance races, triathlons, crossfit, yoga, zumba, martial arts, and whatever is out there that will make you sweat Dawn will give it a shot. She's a real life energizer bunny, as she juggles working out, being a mom of four, teaching classes and providing personal training, she just keeps on going!
Her latest endeavour is finally opening her own studio called, Trium Fitness. Aside from regular Yoga classes, one of the key highlights of the studio will be Dawn's Aerial Yoga classes.

If you haven't tried Aerial Yoga, picture yourself suspended off the ground via the silkiest and softest hammock and then swinging about from position to position like an acrobat or in Dawn's case like a Cirque De Soleil performer.

The class looks fun but it also comes with some benefits like spinal decompression, pain relief and ease in inversions among other physical benefits.

The classes at Trium Yoga will be taught by Dawn and pictured above by Nicole and Carol.
Every class in Aerial Yoga feels like a performance or the instructors make it feel that way. At first glance it may look easy but as the instructors go through the moves we can see the strength and flexibility required for the more advanced poses.
It's all about having fun while challenging yourself. Truly. Otherwise, why bother? Aerial Yoga presents itself as another form of fitness so if crawling in grass and being yelled at isn't your thing, perhaps flying is.
We can't wait till Trium Fitness officially opens! They are located at the Aperia Mall and by the looks of it classes are available for booking! We noted that this is in the same building as Tim Ho Wan. Dim Sum after your class anyone?
Thanks for hanging around!
Dawn, Nicole and Carol are KITTED by Daquini, NUX, and Alala.
Photography by the talented James Pasamba and Percival John.

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