Living in Colour

August 11, 2015

“There’s a pull that I can’t explain. Just something in my soul or DNA. Something magnetic there and I’m pulled. Like a calling. You can’t explain why you want to do it. But something makes you want to do it and something makes you hang on.” - Liz Lazan

Have you ever met a person whom after having a conversation with left you feeling invigorated, motivated and even feeling a lot more positive about your day? That’s what it is like sitting down with Elizabeth Lazan, actress and host, for our KITTED Magazine interview.

KITTED’s theme for the interview is Living in Colour. This theme can mean many things but for us it meant living a life with passion. To go chase your dreams and to live your life through unique experiences and challenges and Liz Lazan fits this role perfectly.

Five years ago Liz bought a one way ticket to New York to go chase her dream of being an actor in the US. This is daunting in many aspects. It is tough enough to leave family and friends behind but to enter an industry that is immensely competitive is another thing. Common sense would say it would be easier to find a stable job and stay rooted in Singapore. Our parents would say you need something to fall back on, like a career.

There’s a saying though that, “Chance favours the bold.” It means that sometimes you just have to try and strike it out. Whether you succeed or not it doesn’t matter but by getting out there the chance of success is increased.

The journey was tough. In fact, Liz described it as one of the toughest things she has ever had to do. It meant scraping a living by waitressing and babysitting while attending auditions and spending the night on a friend’s couch. Being Eurasian, Liz doesn’t fit the typical blonde haired and blue eyed role that was required and often she didn’t even get seen for an audition based on her looks.

Rejections after rejections can take its toll and Liz herself has seen other aspiring actors and actresses, talented as they were, have their dreams crushed but with the moral support of family and friends she persevered. Obstacles became challenges for her to overcome. Auditions simply became a platform for her to practice her craft.

“Sticking it out and being focused on who you are,” Liz said in dealing with rejections. “You have to bring your ego down and keep working on yourself.”

Aside from heading to auditions, Liz continued with acting classes and workshops, “If you want to be good at anything you have to practice. Going for classes is like going to the gym. Instead of honing and building muscles you are honing and building acting muscles. If you are going to New York to be an actor you have to be better than good.”

Over those 5 years, Liz has acted, produced plays and also hosted events. Recently she played a role for a Hollywood-Singapore movie, The Faith of Anna Waters. In October she is working with Skinned Knee Productions based in Singapore, performing in a play called Mind Map of Love. She is also embarking on her own personal projects in LA and that is writing and producing a food truck tv series. Before she flew back to Singapore she hosted one of the largest Night Markets in California.

Now based in LA it doesn’t seem like she will be slowing down anytime soon. Still driven, still passionate as ever for her craft.

"You’re always up against thousands of actors. Imagine interviewing for a job everyday. That’s an actor’s life. You have to be able to keep that vulnerability to be a good actor and yet be thick skinned and not let the negative stuff affect you. That’s why exercise and meditation is so important. It keeps me going."

To keep herself fit, Liz practices Martial arts, stage combat and hikes often. She has a passion for Kung Fu and it doesn’t hurt that when called upon to do an action scene she can throw a mean punch. One of her instructors was a stunt woman for I am Legend and the other used to be a teacher at one of the  main Shaolin schools in New York


As we wind up our interview I asked Liz what’s one advice you would give to others? What has kept you going through these years?

With a sparkle in her eye Liz replied, “Be who you are and keep that end goal in sight. Be a dreamer but also be grounded. Be logical and be adventurous. Keep that mission objective. Anything that happens in between is part of why you are supposed to work harder and why you are supposed to learn.”

Passion is infectious. I ended this interview feeling pumped for what KITTED can become and we can only wish the best for this woman who is kickass in every way.

Follow Elizabeth's adventures on Instagram @LizLazan

Photo Credits : Jared Van Doorn

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